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published on 05 December 2023

Most SaaS companies would agree that an effective link building strategy is crucial for driving growth.

By partnering with a specialized SaaS SEO agency, you can gain a competitive edge with custom-tailored link building campaigns designed to boost your site's authority, traffic, and conversions.

In this post, we will demystify SaaS link building by examining popular tactics, evaluating agency selection criteria, highlighting key analytics to track, and addressing whether link building remains relevant today.

SaaS link building services refer to agencies that specialize in building high-quality backlinks specifically for SaaS companies to boost their search engine rankings. As search visibility is critical for SaaS growth, these services are valuable for gaining quality links at scale.

Backlinks signal trust and authority to Google, earning websites higher rankings for relevant searches. For SaaS sites, higher visibility leads to exponentially more organic traffic and conversions. Manual outreach for backlinks is hugely time-consuming, hence outsourcing link building lifts this burden while contributing meaningfully to SEO success. The right SaaS SEO agency partners understand both link building and the SaaS space to build industry-relevant links.

Studies show that websites ranking on Google's first page get over 90% of search traffic. For SaaS companies, organic traffic from high rankings is pivotal for scalable growth. However, securing these coveted spots involves securing quality backlinks at scale to build domain authority. Research shows startups receiving 6+ monthly backlinks grow 4 times faster - highlighting that consistent, quality links strongly correlate with SaaS growth velocity.

The Competitive Edge: Outsourcing to a SaaS SEO Agency

Partnering with a specialized SaaS link building agency creates space focusing on innovation while experts handle securing links. Benefits include:

  • Increased Link Building Capacity: Building links at scale requires significant manual outreach. Agencies have the bandwidth most SaaS teams lack.
  • Link Building Expertise: Relevant link building involves both relationships and technology. Experts intrinsically understand outreach processes and tools.
  • Focus on Core Product: Frees SaaS teams to pour energy into perfecting their product instead of peripheral tasks.
  • Time Savings: Manual outreach is incredibly time-intensive. Automation and teams allow agencies results in a fraction of internal effort.

In summary, SaaS link building services turbocharge search visibility through expertly secured backlinks, accelerating organic growth. Their specialized capabilities make them powerful partners for SaaS SEO success.

Link building is the process of acquiring backlinks from other high-quality websites to improve a site's search engine rankings and bring in more organic traffic. It's an essential part of any SEO strategy, but for SaaS companies specifically, an effective link building campaign can provide tremendous benefits.

SaaS products often target competitive keywords, making quality backlinks vital for ranking on the first page of Google. In addition, because SaaS sites generally offer free trials or demo versions, inbound links help drive more conversions by increasing visibility and trust in the brand.

There are a few types of link building tactics SaaS companies should focus on:

  • Guest posting - Writing and publishing articles on industry-relevant blogs helps establish your company as a thought leader. Include a natural link back to your site within these guest posts.

  • Resource link building - Creating and promoting in-depth guides, ebooks, tools, and other resources related to your SaaS offering. Quality sites will often link to useful resources relevant to their audience.

  • Influencer outreach - Reaching out for backlinks from industry leaders who already have authority on search engines. Securing mentions from key influencers helps improve domain authority.

A steady, long-term investment in these white hat link building strategies helps SaaS sites build more trust and authority with Google. This leads to better rankings, lower cost-per-click prices, and more organic traffic over time.

Link building services are provided by SEO agencies to help websites acquire backlinks - external links from other sites pointing back to your own. As part of an SEO strategy, quality backlinks signal trust and authority to search engines like Google, helping to improve rankings and gain more organic traffic.

There are two main types of link building services:

  • Manual outreach: This involves manually identifying and contacting webmasters and influencers to request backlinks to your content. Outreach is done via email, social media, guest posts submissions, etc. This white hat approach focuses on earning links editorially rather than buying links.

  • Automated link building: Some tools and agencies offer automated solutions that identify link opportunities and streamline outreach campaigns. These can automate finding prospect lists, sending customized pitches, tracking outreach, and monitoring backlink gains. Automation speeds up the process but quality manual review and relationship-building is still key.

The main goal of any ethical link building service is acquiring backlinks from reputable external sites to signal trust and authority to Google. This boosts search rankings and drives more organic traffic to your site from Google Search. As Google prioritizes sites other sites also find valuable, quality backlinks remain one of the most important SEO growth levers.

Link building software tools aim to simplify and automate the process of acquiring backlinks, which are essential for SEO and driving referral traffic. These tools help find link opportunities, manage outreach campaigns, track link metrics, and build relationships with websites.

Some key capabilities of link building software include:

  • Identifying link prospects based on metrics like domain authority, traffic levels, and topical relevance using automated discovery technology
  • Streamlining email outreach campaigns to simplify making link requests and following up over time
  • Providing templates and workflows to personalize link requests and pitches to improve response rates
  • Tracking link equity metrics like Domain Authority and organic traffic of acquired links to demonstrate SEO value
  • Offering link management dashboards to monitor campaign progress and link acquisition rates

Ultimately, leveraging link building software can maximize efficiency for users in obtaining more high-quality backlinks through scalable workflows. The automation frees up time for focusing on big picture strategy rather than performing tedious manual outreach and tracking tasks.

By centralizing link data and workflows, link building tools aim to optimize two key goals: expanding referral traffic from new link sources and improving search engine rankings by strengthening sites' authority and relevance for target keywords. For resource-strapped site owners like solo founders and small agencies, in particular, outsourcing link building to reliable software services can provide huge time savings and let them concentrate energy on higher-value work.


Starting your own link building business can be an exciting opportunity for those seeking to enter the SaaS SEO industry. However, getting started requires understanding the fundamentals of creating value for potential clients. Here are some helpful tips to launch your own thriving link building agency:

The first step is educating yourself on what high-quality SaaS link building entails. There are several proven strategies for earning links, including:

  • Outreach - Identifying relevant websites in your client's niche and contacting them to request a link in exchange for unique content or other assets that enhance their site. This is still one of the most effective approaches when done properly.

  • Guest Posting - Creating and publishing content on other sites in your client's industry. When structured as true guest posts that provide value to readers, this can secure high-quality links.

  • Resource Development - Developing tools, calculators, quizzes or other online resources related to your client's niche, which sites may link to as a value-add for their audiences.

  • Local Link Building - Earning links from niche-relevant local sites that focus on a geographic area your client serves.

Along with ethical strategies, it's also essential to understand risky tactics to avoid, such as buying links or manipulating anchor text.

Develop Specialized Skills

Every link building campaign requires an array of talents to execute properly, including:

  • Content Creation: Writing guest posts or crafting linkable assets calls for strong copywriting abilities. Hire those with proven skills or develop your own over time through practice.

  • Outreach & Negotiation: Cold emailing webmasters and negotiating link requests is pivotal. Choose team members with experience and tact for interfacing with clients.

  • Technical Optimization: Properly optimizing link building content for organic visibility requires some technical SEO know-how around topics like keyword targeting and site architecture.

Focus on mastering this diverse skill set early when launching your agency. Consider seeking mentorship from established link builders as well.

Build a Solid Process

Carefully systematizing your agency's process for conducting link building campaigns is key. Establish systems for tracking outreach, storing link opportunities, reporting on progress, scaling your agency, and more.

Document your processes thoroughly so new team members can easily get up to speed. Continuously refine these systems to boost efficiency over time as your agency matures.

With dedication to ethical link building education, skill development, and process creation, you can establish a prospering business that drives powerful SEO impact for SaaS clients.

Evaluating the Effectiveness of SaaS SEO Agencies

With SEO being a crucial component of any SaaS company's growth strategy, partnering with the right link building agency can significantly impact your success. However, finding an agency that offers proven SaaS expertise, custom strategies tailored to your niche, transparent analytics, and demonstrated ROI can be challenging. This section provides advice on what capabilities to look for when evaluating SaaS link building agencies.

Essential Credentials & Capabilities of Top SaaS SEO Agencies

When researching SEO agencies to potentially partner with, the following capabilities should be non-negotiable:

  • Technical SEO expertise. Since SaaS sites tend to be complex, an understanding of technical SEO best practices like site speed optimization, structured data implementation, indexation troubleshooting, and more is essential.

  • Industry specialization. Look for agencies with a track record of ranking similar SaaS sites to yours. They will leverage niche-specific ranking factors and target relevant backlinks.

  • Custom outreach & relationships. Manual personalized outreach and established media relationships lead to higher quality backlinks. Automated or spammy tactics should raise red flags.

  • Content production. Quality content creation should be part of an agency's link building process to earn backlinks. From infographics to guest posts, strong copywriting and design is key.

By evaluating these core competencies, you can determine if an agency is equipped to meet the unique SEO demands of the SaaS industry.

The Analytics Angle: Evaluating Reporting & ROI

Understanding the impact of link building comes down to analytics. Be sure to ask about the ROI tracking and reporting capabilities of any agency you consider:

  • Do they provide rank tracking across major search engines to showcase keyword progress?

  • Can they pull Google Analytics data to evaluate goal completions, lower bounce rates, and more?

  • How do they measure year-over-year organic traffic growth specifically attributed to SEO efforts?

  • What SERP analysis do they conduct to monitor ranking improvements for target keywords?

  • Do they deliver monthly reports documenting key metrics and campaign highlights?

If an agency cannot provide detailed, data-centric reporting on the above areas, they likely lack the necessary analytics acumen to calculate and demonstrate strong ROI.

Red Flags: Warning Signs When Choosing a SaaS SEO Agency

While the credentials above are signs of an effective SaaS link building agency, several red flags should make you think twice about moving forward:

  • They guarantee first page rankings within an unrealistic timeline regardless of niche difficulty.

  • The pricing model or available services seem vague or inconsistent.

  • There's little evidence backing their expertise such as client case studies and examples.

  • Their link building tactics seem overly automated, spammy or rely solely on low-quality directories.

By avoiding agencies exhibiting these traits and carefully evaluating analytics capabilities, SaaS brands can partner with a link building agency poised to drive measurable results.

Link building remains one of the most effective tactics for boosting organic search rankings and driving more qualified visitors to websites. However, the link building landscape has evolved with recent algorithm updates rewarding natural, high-quality links over manipulative tactics.

SaaS companies need to embrace white hat link building strategies that focus on earning placements through value-driven content and industry authority rather than artificial or paid links. As search engines crack down on link schemes, legitimate link building is vital for SaaS SEO success.

Guest posting entails creating and publishing relevant blog content on other websites in your industry. Securing contributor placements on authoritative sites related to your SaaS niche can garner high-quality backlinks, referral traffic, and improved brand visibility.

For example, pitching well-researched posts to established SaaS blogs like SaaStr,, and SaaS Scout can provide tremendous SEO value. Before reaching out to any blog, analyze the domain authority, traffic stats, audience fit, and existing contributor guidelines.

Focus pitches on providing insightful commentary or data rather than overt self-promotion. Avoid over-optimizing anchor text links back to your site, using natural language. In most cases, a simple brand name link will suffice to pick up a valuable backlink from each guest post.

Maximizing Exposure with Roundup Articles

Roundup-style posts that mention multiple SaaS tools in an industry roundup can increase brand awareness and pick up backlinks from authoritative sites.

Monitoring Google News alerts, Twitter chatter, and LinkedIn feeds lets you identify trending SaaS topics and insert your tool where relevant. For example, pitching the idea for a "Top 10 Video Conferencing Tools Compared" article allows you to get featured alongside competitors, raising your visibility.

When reaching out to target sites, highlight unique capabilities and credible validation points that set your SaaS apart in the roundup. Avoid spamming writers with obvious pitches. Instead, provide thoughtful commentary explaining how you can add value to their comparison piece.

Getting mentioned alongside rivals on trusted review sites helps boost SEO through backlink acquisition while also enabling customer conversions.

Strategic Presence in Business Directories

Business directories like Crunchbase, AngelList, and Software Advice serve as hubs where buyers commonly research SaaS solutions for different needs. Therefore, consistent presence and updated profiles on well-trafficked directories are vital.

Optimize your SaaS profiles completely, integrating keyword-rich descriptions, customer testimonials, leadership profiles, funding details, and other value-added content. Directories tend to link back to your official website, enabling you to pick up good quality backlinks from .edu and .org sites that search engines trust.

Prioritize submitting and claiming profiles on G2, FinancesOnline, and Siftery while also monitoring mentions on lower-authority directories. Completing and verifying profiles signals legitimacy and transparency to prospective users researching your SaaS before purchases.

Link building is an integral part of any SaaS SEO strategy. However, simply acquiring backlinks is not enough - you need to track whether your efforts are actually improving search visibility and driving business growth. Here are the key areas SaaS companies should monitor to determine link building success.

Analytics Insights: Tracking Rankings & Traffic Lift

Search engine rankings and organic traffic should see positive movement after an effective link building campaign. Here are key metrics to analyze in Google Analytics and Search Console:

  • Increase in rankings for target keywords - this indicates your backlinks are helping to boost domain authority in Google's eyes. Track weekly to see impact over time.

  • Higher % of organic traffic - if rankings improve, organic traffic should increase as a % of total visits. Monitor monthly to spot meaningful trends.

  • Growth in organic visitors - total user count from organic search should steadily rise thanks to improved rankings. Check monthly to validate campaign success.

  • Decrease in bounce rate - an influx of engaged organic visitors from high-quality backlinks will likely lower bounce rates. Falling bounce rates reinforce campaign value.

Regularly tracking these metrics provides quantifiable proof that your link building efforts deliver tangible SEO and traffic benefits.

When vetting a link building agency, examine backlink samples and profiling tools to evaluate new links' quality, not just quantity.

  • Domain authority of backlink sources - higher DA sites pass more ranking power to your domain. Verify site DA to guarantee quality.

  • Relevance of anchor text - precise anchor text with target keywords sends strong ranking signals. Check for proper contextual alignment.

  • Diversity of referral domains - backlinks from a broad, diversified spectrum of sites looks natural to Google. Confirm domain variety.

  • Ratio of follow vs nofollow links - follow links directly influence PageRank so check for an optimal split between follow/nofollow.

If your backlink profile shows sizable, sustained expansion of relevant links from authoritative domains, your SaaS SEO success is assured.

Connecting the Dots: Impact on Overall Business KPIs

While search visibility and backlink stats reveal technical SEO impact, examining your core SaaS metrics illustrates total business value driven by link building:

  • Increase in conversion rate - if your link building campaign delivers more engaged, buyer-ready traffic, check that this also moves the needle on conversion rate over time.

  • Lower customer acquisition cost - growth in organic lead volume from SEO should decrease your CAC. Link this CAC drop directly to link building ROI.

  • Higher ARR - link building lifts search traffic and conversions, so keep an eye on ARR expansion every month. Growing ARR proves commercial value.

Tying SEO link metrics to key SaaS KPIs makes the total gains for customer acquisition, lifecycle marketing, and revenue growth obvious. This builds a watertight case for dedicating investment to progressive link building strategies as part of your SaaS marketing stack.

High-quality backlinks remain a crucial ranking factor for search engines like Google. By building relevant links, SaaS companies can gain authority in the eyes of Google, earning higher rankings and more organic traffic. Though link building takes continuous effort, it ultimately pays dividends in brand visibility, lower cost-per-click, and valuable referral traffic.

As Google's algorithms evolve, focusing on diversity and relevance is key - varied link types from reputable websites help build trust. Overall, backlinks should be seen as part of a comprehensive SEO strategy for SaaS brands rather than a standalone tactic. When done properly, they can deliver tremendous value.

Partnership Considerations: Key Questions for SaaS SEO Agencies

When vetting potential SEO agencies, SaaS companies should ask:

  • What link building tactics do you employ beyond outreach? This indicates their diversity of strategies.
  • What types of links have you built for clients in this space? Shows their experience.
  • How can you help us land links on high-authority websites? Indicates access to quality placements.
  • How do you monitor and maintain links long-term? Shows their commitment beyond short-term gains.
  • What other SEO initiatives would you recommend? Determines their strategic breadth.

Thoughtfully evaluating an agency helps determine how seamlessly their offerings align with internal SEO roadmaps.

The impacts of link building compound over time, making it important to take a long-term outlook. After 3 months, search traffic may see initial lifts. Within 6-12 months authority metrics like domain rating often improve. It takes consistency over years to land recurring media coverage and strategic partnerships that continue elevating brand visibility. While expedited approaches are appealing, sustainable growth depends on building high-quality links that stand the test of time. Partnering with an SEO provider adept at this balanced approach is key.

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